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Making This My Best Year For Healthy Living!

Making This Year My Best Year For Healthy Living!


Omigosh, guys. The New Year is HERE! So… now what? Of course we all go through the motions of making those ever present “Healthy Living” New Year Resolutions; I know, I’m one of those people who make the same one every one year. Better eating, lose weight, be more fit. The promise to myself works,too. For like 2 weeks.

  Making That Change

What can be done to remedy the almost always diminishing resolution of the new year? My suggestion? Live it like you mean it. I REALLY want to be a better me this year and that does include having a better looking and healthier  body.

Heck, I’m not getting any younger and the older we get the harder it is to stay fit and tone. So, I decided to start eating even healthier this year. It’s not hard. You just start at the grocery store while you’re shopping. Make better food choices, read the nutrition labels,and buy fresher foods. The less preservatives in your food the better your body will feel.

New Year, Healthier Me

I’m starting my healthier lifestyle by eating more fruit and veggies. And I’m doing that by juicing. I have 2-3 fresh juices or smoothies every day now. Sometimes I even add a protein powder to them for added nutrients. It’s easy to make your own juices and you’ll feel better when you make them yourself.

I’m sharing a fun juice recipe today that yields 16 ounces, so you can have one 8 ounce for yourself and share the other or just have the whole 16oz for yourself. I hope you enjoy the recipe. Visit again soon because I’ll be sharing more tasty and healthy juicing recipes. Here’s to our health!

Strawberry Citrus Kick

 Healthy juice

  1. 1 Orange (medium size), peeled with membrane mostly taken off
  2. 1 Grapefruit (decent size), peeled with all skin off
  3. 1 Red apple ( not too big of a size), sliced into quarters
  4. 1 Handful fresh strawberries, green leaves/tops cut off

In a juicer, add the fruit… apple slices first, then grapefruit, strawberries, and orange. I use the Elite Gourmet juicer for my juicing because it is excellent at separating the pulp from the juice (and the cost is right in my budget), but any juicer should suffice. Once you put the fruit in the juicer, you should get 16 ounces of delicious juice. The whole 16oz is 250 calories due the the amount of sugar the fruit gives. Try out the recipe and let me know what you think!!

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