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Home Chef : Here’s What Happened When I Tried It. #RealExperience

Here’s What Happened When I Tried Home Chef. #RealExperience

Home Chef. It’s one of the food/meal subscription boxes that everyone seems to be talking about this Summer. I’ve heard of the box many months prior to the “bzz”, but had been enthralled with other subscription boxes that fed my sweet tooth. So, now that I had the time to, I decided to see why Home Chef was buzzing so much and find out what the box was all about. The following is a recount of what my experience with Home Chef was like.

 The Click Of A Button

Signing up for my first meal box from Home Chef was quite simple. I went to the website, saw what the food plan for that week was, and chose my foods to be delivered. Just… Like… That. OH! Here’s a tip. If there’s a dish or meal you don’t want to be included in your delivery, you can remove it, and you don’t have to add another meal in to replace it. This is a plus for me because now your meals are truly customizable. And you don’t pay for anything that you don’t want because the prices for the foods you remove from delivery are deducted from the box fee.

Really, Home Chef has made ordering super easy… at least to me they have. When I ordered my first box, I had the following meals (meals for 2 people, I should add) included:

  • Acapulco Beef Burgers with Cilantro Lime Fries
  • Argentine Shrimp Chimichurri with Fresno Chile & Pecorino Polenta
  • Garlic Studded Pork Tenderloin with Asparagus and mustard cream bernaise sauce

The total for all 3 of these delectable sounding meals was $59. I was very excited to cook all of these meals, but I decided to cook the burgers first. Why? Because… they sounded exotic to eat and who doesn’t like burgers!

 Burger Boy… And Girl

All of the ingredients that I needed to put these Acapulco burgers and side dish together came included in my Home Chef box. It was packaged nicely and everything labeled. EASY PEASY. I read the recipe card that accompanied the food prior to starting my cooking. I highly recommend that you read the recipe before; it saves extra energy and prevents any “oops” that may occur while you’re cooking. Okay..back to my burgers. Check out my photos!!

Home Chef Acapulco Beef Burger


And I made it at home with my own hands! One of the things I really enjoy about Home Chef is that everything is hands on. The recipes are very easy to follow, and the results… well, you can see for yourself! I would definitely recommend giving Home Chef a try. There are so many reasons to try at least one box, one of my best ones is it helps to bring people together while preparing a fun, delicious, and fresh meal. To me, the meals prepared are close to gourmet quality,too.

 Keep That Recipe

A plus that Home Chef has that other subscription boxes don’t.. recipe binder. Yup, you can store your favorite recipes from the box in a plastic binder for future use. To me, this is like creating a cookbook of your recipes that you can share and pass on to whomever you choose later in life. Kinda what our Grandmom’s did with their “secret recipes”.

I really like the Home Chef subscription box. It gives me a more personal feel when choosing my meals, the recipes are pretty simple, and I love that everything is included. Moreover, I really like that I’m not stuck with what the meals of the week are. It’s a nice thing to know that I really choose what is delivered to me, and I can lower my subscription cost when/if I do remove items. Home Chef really has things covered! If you would like try the box, you can. Use my link here and get $35 to spend on your first box!!



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