How To Renovate Your Hardwood Floors !

How to Renovate Your Hardwood Floor

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Desperate to make wood flooring look new again? It is possible! Hardwood is among the easiest flooring to renovate, with doing so resulting in beautiful floors you and all who enter your home will love. Check out a few tips for renovating hardwood floors so you may enjoy the fantastic results:

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  1. Remove – If your hardwood floors feature nails and staples that stick up out of the boards, now’s the time to remove them. If you don’t they’ll injure sandpaper and other Wood Working materials necessary to floor renovation.
  2. Sand Sanding hardwood flooring is easiest using a power sander. Move the sander in the direction of the wood grain for best results. Begin with the coarsest sandpaper you have and switch to lighter options as you work. For hardwood floor borders, it’s recommended you use a handheld sander. Keep windows open while sanding to minimize wood dust inhalation, and vacuum any remaining wood dust…and regular dust. Disposable electrostatic cloths also work for removing dust.
  3. Fill Should sanding reveal sizable holes in hardwood flooring, fill them with a special putty designed to match your floor’s color. Use a scraping tool to smooth putty into each hole, and allow the stuff to cure completely before continuing your work.
  4. Seal Your next step is to apply a quality wood sealer. This closes flooring pores. Easy to apply, use a paintbrush and wait about two hours for the thin liquid to dry.
  5. WaxOnce sealant has dried, it’s time to wax your floors. Use a wax coating or a polyurethane finish depending on the type of wood and the look you’re going for.

If unsure which is the best option, consult your local home goods store staff member before buying… whether you buy in store or online. Coating protects wood, and requires application via brush or applicator in the direction of floor boards.

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Applying more than one coat? Allow the previous coat to dry fully first, and let the hardwood cure for about three days before moving furniture back into the room.

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