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I’m Hosting a Zoku Party ! See What A Zoku Is And What It Does!

Zoku ? What’s All The Buzz About?

Razzle Dazzle !! Guess what I am going to be doing the second week of December ? I’ll be hosting my very own Zoku Party ! I can’t wait to create yummy treats for my holiday guests… the creativity list is going to be through the roof . Not to mention, I don’t have to be one the one creating …I can have my guest do that as the party happens. That is something I am quite excited for. Do you want to know what is included in my kit ? I’ll tell you..better yet, I’ll show you :

Hosts selected for this party will receive a $175 valued party kit with the following items:

  • Triple Quick Pop Maker  original
  • Slush & Shake Maker   green
  • Chocolate Station Chocolate Station
  • Quick Pops Recipe Book Quick Pops Recipe Book
  • The Art of Slush Book   The Art of Slush Recipe Book
  • Extra Sticks  Quick Pop Maker Sticks
  • Storage CaseStorage Case
  • Party Host Guide – to help you plan and carry out party
  • • Exclusive Coupons for your guests

I Tried It Myself!

I am so very honored to be able to host this party and invite my friends over to see how easy it is to make ice cream pops and slushies for yourself at home. It saves so much money and you can make some of the very best desserts and know exactly what it is in them..because you made them. The Zoku is also a great way to spend quality time with the kids ! Here are some of the creations that my kids, my guests,and I made so far :

Zoku review (1) Zoku review (2) Zoku review (3) Zoku review (4) Zoku review (5) Zoku review (6) Zoku review (7) Zoku review (8) Zoku review (9) Zoku review (10) Zoku review (11) Zoku (1) Zoku (2)

I can tell you that especially enjoy being to make my own creamsicle pops. The are so fun to make and it tastes even better than the ones you buy at the store. I cannot give enough ravesand kudos about the Zoku and its entire line of products. And it is too easy to make … it’s just get your fave juice, pour into the prepped Zoku pop maker (it has to freeze over night),and then pour the juice into the Zoku and wait 2-3 minutes to get yummy popsicles ! It’s instant gratification ! I am still perfecting the art of making the best popsicle I can ,but it’s delicious lesson,let me tell you ! Video coming soon !

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