Jennifer Collection – Countertop Style In An Instant!

Jennifer Collection – Countertop Style In An Instant

jennifer collection paper towel holder

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and thought that your countertops were lacking some sort of flair to them? I have. Maybe it’s because I have yet to get the granite or stone counter tops that I so long for, or perhaps it’s because I crave an updated contemporary kitchen (but cannot afford one just yet). In any event, I do always feel like flair is a needed thing. So, I try to use other modes to spruce things up. Like using a shiny new pretty piece of kitchen furniture from the Jennifer Collection.

The Jennifer Collection is a group of beautiful and affordable home decor provided by Francois Et Mimi. I was given a deep discount to purchase one of their chrome pavé diamond paper towel holders, and I really like it. It truly does add some much need sparkle to my sometimes drab looking kitchen. Yes, it’s a little addition to a big space, but it does make a difference to me. I hope to purchase more products from the Jennifer Collection in the near future, but until then, take a look at how the holder shows in these photos.

jennifer collection

  • Chrome Finish, Rust Resistant
  • Heavy Iron Frame Construction
  • Elegant Diamond around ring
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