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LEAF Vodka… Have You Tried It ?


Disclaimer- This is a post that I have been compensated for wither monetarily or in the form of free product. Regardless, the opinions and experiences stated here are my own.

What IS Leaf Vodka ?

I have said it more than once and I will continue to do so. I LOVE entertaining company. Whether it be parties at home or big events out at a venue, I really enjoy to do it. Bringing friends and family together for joyous occasions make me smile ! Of course, it could be the alcohol that consume at these events,too !

Yes, I do serve alcohol at my parties. It’s one of trademarks; always make sure that the bar stocked for drinkers and for non alcohol drinkers as well. And now,I’m stepping up my game a little by switching over to organic drinks. Organic drinks like new LEAF Vodka.

leaf vodka  Leaf Vodkas are crafted with intention using only the world’s finest waters. Sources that impart unique flavor qualities to create vodkas that are quite literally unlike any other.
Nature. Life. Vodka.
History’s greatest recipes share one essential ingredient—one with the power to transform what it touches into something truly special.
Water is the spirit of vodka.

I received two types of LEAF Vodka ( Alaskan Glacial and Rocky Mountain), and I enjoy them both.These vodkas are so smooth , you can drink them on the rocks with no bitterness and none of that stinging bite that some other vodkas have. I totally appreciate the fact that these vodkas are organic,too !

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Four glaciers slowly wind their way down the misty mountains to Alaska’s Blue Lake with water as pure as nature. So pure it doesn’t need filtering. It’s one of the most unique waters of the world, and it forms and defines the foundation of LEAF Vodka’s Alaskan Glacial Water.
The glacier water is a gift we don’t take lightly. We marry it to the highest quality organicwheat, then distilled five timesto round out the finish and character. The result is a smooth, pure taste with an agreeable hint of sweetness.



After long years of trickling down through the stony layers of the Rocky Mountains, the extraordinary mineral water is a pristine testament to nature’s bounty. And LEAF Vodka’s Rocky Mountain Mineral Water.
The unique mineral properties of the spring water infuse flavor and complexity after distillation while maintaining the pure essence of its source. This is one bold vodka. The complex flavor notes offer a warm, savory impression that lingers perfectly into a silky finish.