Smart Home Investments That Pay Off In The Future

4 Home Investments That Save Money in the Long Run

Are home upgrade investments really worth it? In certain cases, they could actually save you
money. Not all home expenses truly pay off, however. To ensure that you make the
right upgrades on your house, check out this list of home expenses that will save you
money in the long run.

Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Lyric T5+ Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Although your current thermostat might not seem in need of replacement any time
soon, there are some serious perks involved with upgrading to a smart thermostat.
While there is the cost of purchasing the thermostat to consider, you can make up for
it with considerable savings on your energy bill year after year. For instance, the Nest
reports that its Learning Thermostat led to an estimated average savings of $131 to
$145 per year for each household. Because heating and cooling contributes to such a
large portion of your energy usage, this upgrade will definitely pay off over time.

Home Performance Evaluation

Some homeowners want to fix efficiency problems on their own, but getting
professional assistance may be much more effective at saving you money in the long
run. Getting a home performance evaluation is an easy way to figure out where you
home needs the most attention when it comes to reducing energy usage.
This test involves a team that comes to your home to check everything from airflow to
duct pressure to possible air leaks. These experts will pinpoint problem areas, so you
can seal up any leaks and ease the burden of energy expenses related to your HVAC
system. In addition, changes suggested in some home performance evaluations (such
as creating more ventilation) can help to improve air quality in your home.

Home Security

good home investments
Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System

When you add up the investments cost of home security features like smart locks, alarms, light
timers, motion sensors, and wireless cameras, it might not seem like the expense is
really worth it. But adding these security features to your home can save you from
experiencing significant losses due to a robbery. Studies have shown that burglars are
less likely to enter homes with an alarm system or surveillance equipment. In addition
to protecting your home and belongings, taking steps to make your home secure also
helps to protect your family from potential danger.

LED Lights

You’ve probably noticed that traditional incandescent bulbs are priced significantly
cheaper than LED bulbs in stores. But did you know that they’ll actually cost you more
in the long run? LEDs cost more upfront, but they offer incredible energy efficiency
levels you won’t find in any incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED bulbs use 25 to 80 percent
less electricity than traditional light bulbs. Better yet, they last up to 25 times longer,
so you’ll also be able to save with fewer replacement bulbs. Not bad for $1-$ more in investments,huh?

To get even more out of your LED lights, choose dimmable lighting that uses less
energy and extends the life of your bulbs.
Use these tips to give your home an upgrade that will pay for itself over time.

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