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It’s High Time To Quit Smoking In 2017 With The Help Of These Tips

It’s high time to quit smoking in 2017 with the help of these tips

We always tell ourselves that we will do better this year. We make New Year’s resolutions that never last. One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we will quit smoking.

Smoking is a type of vice that quickly enters all segments of our lives. We start creating rituals which cigarettes are an inseparable part of.

And this is one of the biggest issues with this addiction. Not only do we have an addiction as it is, but we also connect it to some other processes that we commonly do during a day. Smokers get used to it and they can no longer have a coffee or beer without nicotine.

In order to quit smoking you need to start doing several things at the same time. It is not as simple as many people present it; it is really hard to quit just like that. Instead, you need to follow these tips that will teach you how to change your daily life and with it, your need for tobacco.

Let’s see what they’re all about!

  1. Preparing mentally

Quitting smoking is all in your head. It is something that primarily causes a mental addiction and this is precisely how you should address the issue. In order to tackle it, you need to tell yourself that smokes are no longer part of your life. It needs to be a long-term decision made in the proper situation. Just by once being fed with smokes doesn’t mean you will stick with the process. In fact, lack of resolve is the main reason why people relapse.

  1. Do not be stressed or depressed

As I mentioned, mental preparation is everything. But in order to get to that point, you need to avoid stress and depression. There are a lot of people who start their quitting process while stressed or depressed thinking that this will help them cope. However, the truth is completely different. Altered state of mind can have a very negative effect on the process and can even hinder you. Best thing you can do is to resolve other issues in your life and then go into quitting process with full strength.

  1. Cigarette substitutions

Cigarette and tobacco substitutions are popular for quite some time. There are numerous products on the market to choose from. In last couple of years electronic cigarettes are definitely the best solution. They have e-juices inside which is healthier substitution to nicotine. Of course, this solution is only a temporary one. Ultimately, your goal is to quit smoking altogether. This step will allow you to give yourself a break and slowly transition to a life without cigarettes.

  1. Reduce consumption

Another good trick for people who are transitioning to non-smoking mentality is to try and reduce consumption. Instead buying the whole box of smokes, try buying just one pack. In fact, try to limit yourself when smoking and set daily goals. Do not go over them! Also, whenever purchasing cigarettes, try to buy smaller quantities.

  1. Rely on your family

Most people tend to avoid family’s help during quitting process thinking that this is their and their alone problem. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take your family for granted completely avoiding their assistance. Whenever you have the need to smoke, you can turn to people close to you. Even if we are talking about simple conversation this is something that can help you not think about vice and focus on some more constructive and nicer things.

  1. Try to quit other vices as well

Vices usually work well together. When people have one addiction it is really easy to slip into a second one. This is especially common when it comes to alcohol and smokes. When you decide to quit smoking try to quit other vices as well or at least reduce consumption. This is a good opportunity to clean your whole body so why not take it?


There are so many things that can help you quit smoking. In fact, the main reason why people cannot do it is because they haven’t set up things properly from the get go. With this article, you will manage to do just that!

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