Long Distance Traveling? How to Survive Your First Long-Term Trip Abroad #TravelSeries

Travel is an amazing experience, but prolonged travel can be very taxing. That is why, when you are going to travel for a long period of time, you need to be prepared. From packing to surviving on the road for months on end, traveling can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Just because it is difficult, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get out there. Travel is worth every headache, because only by traveling can you see the world, know its people, and become a better person yourself. To help you get from inexperienced traveler to seasoned veteran, follow these tips:

1. Pack the Necessities

Though it might seem strange, the longer you travel for, the lighter you should pack. It can be doable to carry a large bag around, for instance, if you only have one hotel to go to. If you are traveling from place to place, however, that heavy bag becomes quite the burden. That is why you need to downsize your wardrobe, stock up on quality materials, and pack as lightly as you can. This could mean bringing a tablet instead of your laptop as well. The lighter you pack, the easier you will travel. Just make sure you have everything that you need!

2. Electronics You Need, and Electronics You Don’t

You do not need your game console. You also don’t necessarily need your laptop either. Instead, try to limit your electronics as much as possible. Instead, choose items that you can multi-task with. This could mean only bringing your phone and, for instance, a Bluetooth keyboard if you wanted to easily write down about your day. If you need your laptop, however, to edit photos and videos together, since your income is from being a travel vlogger, then you absolutely must take it. Know the electronics that you need, and the ones that you would like to bring. The ones you would like to bring will only weigh you down, so they’re better being left at home.

3. How to Stay in Touch

Whether you are traveling with people, or by yourself, there will always be loved ones left at home. Staying in touch is important to keep your spirits up, and to stay connected. That is why you should use Viber for your phone calls to India. Sharing photos, updates, and more is also how you can keep your friends and family in the loop of what you are doing.

Tip: Keep your profiles private, or only share out-of-date information to stay safe. You should never publically announce your location.

4. How to Make the Most of Your Trip

If you want to make the most of your trip, you do your homework. That way you can know the laws you need to follow, the places you need to go to, and more. Know about the country, the sights, the history, the culture, and the rules, and you’ll have a great time. Take lots of photos and videos while you are abroad, and remember to keep a diary, because your long-term trip abroad is going to be one of a lifetime!

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