Great Uses For Lemon Oil You Never Knew !

Lemon Oil & The Great Ways To Use It

Lemon. I remember when I was little girl, my mom would take leaves from trees and bring them home and boil them. I would ask her why she was “cooking leaves”, and she would reply that she was making tea. Of course, I thought she was crazy. But what my mother really was … was an organic and green person. She still is to this day. I find myself turning into my mother and grandparents now that I am getting older. Not a bad thing. It just means that I getting wiser and more appreciative of my environment ..more than I ever was when I was a kid.

For this reason ,I find myself resorting to the use of more naturally organic items in my life and I try to incorporate them in my kids life. I also have started to use more organic oils in my foods and other everyday things. One of my favorite oils to use is lemon oil. You can add a few drops of this oil into a mineral or baby oil and have a great smelling massage oil at your fingertips. Or… add some to a bubble bath and let the aromatherapy take you to a new relaxing place . Hey, you can even use this oil to add scent to homemade soy based candles !  The uses for lemon oil is endless ,and in case you wanted to know a few more ,here is a list for you –

  1. Tones Skin 
    Use carefully (in case of sensitivity) as a skin toner or astringent, even diluting it in purified water and spritzing on the face, avoiding the eyes.
  2. Physical Energy
    Lemon essential oil is very uplifting when used aromatically. Try running it through your hair, adding it to the clothes as you dry them or adding it to baking soda as a carpet deodorizer as you vacuum.
  3. Furniture Polish
    Add several drops to a half cup of olive oil or beeswax.
  4. Hangovers
    Greasy food and more alcohol may help a hangover but they don’t exactly make you feel well. Use lemon essential oil in a bath, inhaling directly, add a drop to water (drink lots of water – hangovers are actually said to be dehydration symptoms), or massage into the chest, abdomen or reflex points of feet and hands.

Lemon Oil That I Use


A brand of lemon oil I now use is Majestic Pure . I get a good sized bottle of it ,about 4 ounces, for not a lot of money, and I can make that one 4 oz bottle last a while and get a ton of use from it. It smells amazing because it made 100% from lemons and rinds, and you get a a glass dropper to help with distributing the oil.


  • 100% PURE PREMIUM QUALITY LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL – Cold Pressed from the rinds of lemon. THERAPEUTIC GRADE, unfiltered and undiluted with no fillers, no alcohol or other additives.
  • POWERFUL AND PURIFYING FRAGRANCE: Has a natural energizing, revitalizing and uplifting scent that helps to clear the mind
  • HOUSEHOLD USES: Great disinfectant and antiseptic cleanser with refreshing and cooling properties. Clears Unpleasant odor, Used as air freshener and for cleaning applications including removing gum, oil, grease spots and sanitizing surfaces
  • HEALTH AND SKIN CARE RECIPES: It’s great for Aromatherapy, and used in many skin care recipes. It’s also used in recipes to fight seasonal allergies. Good immune system booster and also helps in digestion
  • LARGE 4 OUNCE and PREMIUM QUALITY GLASS DROPPER inside each bottle for ease-of-use. 100% GUARANTEE

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