I Got New Glasses, Ya’ll! And I Got Them Online

I Wear Glasses. I Also Buy My Glasses… Online

Glasses. A lot of us wear them. I’ve been wearing glasses since the age of 9. I grew up being made fun of because I wore glasses to see. Kids were cruel back then (and still are,IMO). It didn’t help that with my prescription, the choices for a decent pair of glasses that looked nice on my face were just about null. I would be stuck with huge “coke bottle” glasses that made my kinda big eyes look microscopic. But not anymore.

Nowadays, we have more sleek, streamline, lighter glasses. Thank Cassiopeia ( a little bit) for that! I used to hate wearing glasses and being called “4 eyes” because of my eyesight disability. Yes, the times have changed and I no longer dread wearing glasses. In fact, with all the great choices of frames out there, I love modeling them. Annnnd get this, those people with 20/20 vision even wear faux glasses because they want to look smarter. Hmm! Whatever, Posers,lol! But, really, the choices for finding the right glasses for you are incredibly vast. You don’t even have to go to the mall or to pick your pair anymore. Nope. You can do what I do and get your glasses online from shops like Eyewear Insight!

 About Eyewear Insight

The factory that Eye Wear Insight works with has been in business as an optical laboratory and manufacturer for about 12 years and has sold glasses around the world. As direct resource, at Eyewear Insight, uses a modern and technically advanced lab to produce our well crafted and yet affordable eyeglasses, lens and frames. They select the higher quality frames and not the cheaper frame quality and continue to offer the most up to date fashion styles that are used for designer labels.

Eyewear Insight offers eyeglass frames for men, eyeglass frames for women and kids eyeglasses with progressive lenses, single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, glasses for computer work and custom reading glasses(for the discerning customer). Eyewear Insight is passionate in what they do and take great pride in providing  customers with quality eyeglasses. They stand behind each and every one of our products. And, offer customers a no questions asked policy and will do whatever we can to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

 What Do I Think?

Now that you’ve read about what the Eyewear Insight company is about somewhat, I feel it only right to tell you how I think about them. Long story made incredibly short… I love the company! The newly updated site may need a little tweaking, but the company right on point. I have 2 pair of glasses that came from the site, and they both look pretty awesome on me. Plus, I see clearly through the glasses. Some people are wary about getting their glasses from an online store, but guess what? There’s nothing wrong with buying glasses online!

Technology has made it super easy to check to see how a pair of glasses will look on your face before you buy them. Eyewear Insight has an online “Try On” feature built in their site where you can test out any pair of glasses you want. Just add a front facing photo of yourself and the frame choice you make will be added to your face. Kinda like this (just don’t choose a photo of you wearing another pair of glasses like I did!):

eyewear insight try on eyewear insight try on

  That’s Not All!

The “try on” feature is not the only thing I like about the eyewear site. The price is very affordable! You’re looking at a pair of frames that start at $9.99! Then of course, the cost goes up according to what extras you add. I got a pair of semi rimless glasses with the thinnest lenses possible for my prescription AND a pair of prescription sunglasses for $203. That’s $124 for the regular glasses and $73 for the sunglasses, plus a $6 shipping fee. And look at how good I look in them, too. Babyyyyyy!!!

Okay…. you might not like how I look, but I loooove it! And, TWO Pair of glasses (with bells and whistles) for just over $200? Try getting that kind of deal at your local eye store when they’re not having a sale! I’ll continue buying my glasses online, Why? Because I get a ton of choices, the price is phenomenal, and I don’t have leave my house to get them. I just order online and they get delivered to my door… YUUUSSS!! Oh…one thing. You do need an updated eye prescription, But you knew this already,right? I mean why would you buy new glasses with an old prescription… that’s silly!

If you want to start saving money and give yourself an Eyeglasses Makeover, check out Eyewear Insight… and see ya later, good looking!

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