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Nature Box : Is It Good Or Not?

Nature Box :Naturally Good!

nature box

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Soooo.. I did it. Totally broke down and subscribed to a snack food box, & started a monthly subscription to Nature box, & guess what? I’m NOT regretting it… not one bit! It’s not like other sites where get something that you hate & you’re stuck with crappy curator choices. With a NatureBox subscription, you get a chance to browse through all the delicious snack choices on the site, as well as get healthy nutritional facts over the products. I think the site has a little bit for everyone, meaning that there is a good selection of Sweet, Salty, Crunchy, and Nutty to choose from. With my first box, I chose to get a bit from each of the snack categories. Check out what I ordered below!

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My Faves!

While I do love  all of the snack choices I made during this months subscription (I have the 10 bag sub), I have to say that the pistachios were out of this world & I’m definitely ordering more than one bag next month, no doubt! The Greek yogurt pretzels were pretty amazing,too.  My least favorite of the bunch, though, were the asiago cheese crisps; They just didn’t “do it” for me…boo. I really enjoy that there are so many things to choose from. I don’t feel like I’ll be stuck with anything I don’t like. Plus, if I don’t want to continue my subscription, I don’t have to. When you become a Nature Box subscriber, you can suspend or change your subscription anytime you want. Or… you cancel it…. but why would you want to do that with all that nutritious goodness coming to your door???

Now that you’ve got a chance to see some of the delicious snacks that Nature Box has to offer, you should definitely get a chance to taste them for yourself. I’m offering you the opportunity to get 5 bags of goodies from the company for 50% OFF the normal pricing. You get to choose whichever 5 bags you like, & they are FULL SIZE bags. Interested in getting your naturally good snacks now? Go here to start browsing and order your free snacks.

  Facts You Should Know

Like anything in life, these snacks should be enjoyed in moderation. You can snack confidently knowing that Nature Box uses high-quality ingredients so you don’t have to feel guilty. Dietary Issues? No problem!  Just because you have a dietary preference doesn’t mean your snacks have to be boring. Nature Box has a number of vegan and non-GMO snacks to keep your taste buds happy. While there are snacks that are made without gluten, they are not certified gluten-free. Just keep in mind that all of the snacks are packed in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, milk, wheat, egg, and soy.

What is the difference between “Smart” and “Healthy”?

Smart snacks are full of nutrients and have unique benefits that their common counterpart do not. However, until the FDA updates their criteria, we cannot call these “healthy”. For instance, we can all agree nuts are good for you, but their higher fat content disqualifies them from being called “healthy” by the FDA. Whole Wheat Vanilla Animal Cookies, a cookie yes, but it has lower sugar and higher fiber than what you typically expect.

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