I Don’t Have A New Years’ Resolution (And Here’s Why)

Why I Don’t Have A New Years’ Resolution



I always enjoyed making a list of goals to adhere to on New Years Day. When people would ask me, “What’s Your Resolution This Year?”, I’d shoot off an answer that would rival any contestant in a Miss America pageant. But then, as I aged and my body began to deny my simple pleasures like a high metabolism, my goals became generic. My “the world in mine” mentality waned, and my grand resolutions morphed. Resolutions turned into a meek, “I want to lose X amount of pounds”.

Now, I can’t believe that 2022 is here (2022… how fucking crazy is that?!). As I sit on my sofa and write this blurb, I find myself looking back at the past years and its events. There were happy, fun times; and there were some dark, incredibly sad, “no the fuck that didn’t happen” times. Even with some travel bans happening due to Covid-19, I was still able to visit a couple of great places and was able to meet some awesome people. The sad times included the loss of my younger brother & my father. Those times of sadness won’t ever go away because I’ll never stop thinking about them… They made up a chunk of the men in my life. And now, here we are… going into another new year.

What’s A Resolution, Anyway?

Once again, the age-old question comes ringing in my head. What IS your resolution for the year? Well, I don’t have one. Not anymore. And the reason behind my decision is pretty simple… I’ve been grossly misusing the term. From the definitions I have seen, the term “resolution” is the act or process of resolving something. In effect, We’re all guilty of misusing the term. People say, “my resolution is to lose weight this year”, and that is just wrong. To lose weight is a goal, and a resolution is not a goal. At least, not by any dictionary standard. So, I, Tricia Wehner will no longer make New Years Resolutions. Nope. Instead, I’ll be setting my goals for the year. And I have more than a couple. I’ll share them all with you here now, and then at the end of 2022, You can revisit this post to see if I was able to achieve them. Deal?

My 2022 Goals

  • Revamp My Social Media Networks To Increase Viewer/Subscriber Exposure
  • Work On Improving My Mental Well Being
  • Continue To Build My Business
  • Travel More
  • Invest More In Stock
  • Learn To Become More Empathetic Towards Others
  • Live A Healthy Lifestyle/Lose Weight

Last year, in 2021, I marked my first year of having a legit BUSINESS! Now that I started it, I’m working hard to maintain & grow it. If you’re interested in know what it is, you can visit Aspen& . Sign up for emails & you’ll get a money saving coupon to place your 1st order. There you have it. My goals. My New Years Desires, if you will. Yeah, I know… I put the generic “lose weight” thing in there. But I’m getting a head start on that one thanks to that Personal Trainer that I hired in November, lol. Oh, there are more things I want to do throughout the year, but I’ll start with the ones here. So now that you know why I am no longer “doing” resolutions, what’s your take on my view(s)? Good, Bad, Interesting? Let me know in the discussion section below! As always,

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7 thoughts on “I Don’t Have A New Years’ Resolution (And Here’s Why)

  1. This year was the first year I didn’t make resolutions. I didn’t want to make them and then at the end not go thru with them

  2. I love a new resolution but it is hard to stick with it with so much thrown at me every year. I resolve to spend my whole year resolving problems launched my way.

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