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One Spiralizer To Rule Them All – WonderVeg + New 2017 #Giveaway!!!!

There Can Be Only One … The WonderVeg Spiralizer Is It !

wonderveg spiralizer Have you ever wondered how the restaurants get their curly fries “curly”? Or have you seen the people on the internet who have veggie spaghetti, and wanted to know how they made it? I was in the same boat as you. I found out that the way to get your veggies into those super thin and curly forms is by using a vegetable spiralizer. So, I looked for spiralizers. I found a few different types, and I even tried my hand at using them. I started by using the hand-held types. They didn’t really work for me; I kept getting badly shredded veggies, and I wasn’t happy with that result. So, when WonderVeg came along, I didn’t know what to expect. What I didn’t know was… I was about to be both amazed and elated!

WonderVeg Veggie Spiral Slicer- I’m In Love With It!!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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A Great Op For Me

I was given an amazing opportunity to review the WonderVeg Spiral Slicer (veggie spiralizer), and wow… I love it! Right out of the box, the product is pre-assembled and ready to use. It has three different blade attachments that are easy to switch out for your choice of veggie slicing, and yeah… it’s just, great. There’s no effort needed to get those curly fries or curly veggies that you see and eat in the restaurants.

All you need to do is cut off one end of your choice of vegetable, set it on the WonderVeg, and turn the crank. Then, perfect shreds, chips, and slices of veggies … waiting for you to cook or just eat raw! I’ve had mine for a while now, and I have made zucchini chips, curly fries, veggie spaghetti, and potato chips… the possibilities are ENDLESS!  Watch my video below to see how easy it is to use and create your own snacks at home!!

Company Product Description

The WonderVeg Spiral Slicer includes 3 stainless-steel blades for versatility: 1. Shredder: creates long, spaghetti-like spiral strands (zucchini noodles, vegetable spaghetti, curly fries); 2. Chipper: creates long, thick spiral strands; 3. Straight: creates long, ribbon-like strands (for making potato chips as snacks). This PREMIUM vegetable spiralizer has powerful suction feet for stability on your table. The WonderVeg Spiral Slicer is made from high quality BPA-free ABS stainless plastic frame. You will also enjoy our BONUS Spiralizer Mini Recipe Book included for inspiration. Moreover, we bring you the NEW and EXCLUSIVE, ONLY with the WonderVeg Spiral Slicer: a FREE cleaning brush included. This is indeed the BEST Zucchini Spaghetti Noodles Maker: Use the WonderVeg Spiral Slicer for all-size fruits or vegetables, from apples and pears to potatoes, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, beetroot and more. You can easily make zucchini noodles, curly fried potatoes, carrot noodles, apples spirals and they will taste deliciously!

Make It Appealing To The Eyes!

Are you an aesthetics enthusiast ? Perfect! When you buy the WonderVeg Slicer, you will also discover our sleek PREMIUM packaging design. It is the perfect GIFT for your family and friends, from moms to college students, professional chefs, travelers, healthy food enthusiast or food bloggers. And what is more important than SAFETY? The TriBlade Spiralizers are 100% SAFE.

I decided to give away a WonderVeg to go with this post! Enter below, and good luck!  ALL MANDATORY STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED TO BE A QUALIFIED ENTRANT. GIVEAWAY ENDS MAY 1,2017!

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37 thoughts on “One Spiralizer To Rule Them All – WonderVeg + New 2017 #Giveaway!!!!

  1. I have one and LOVE it! I make zoodles, yellow squash noodles, and sweet potato noodles. Mother’s Day is coming up and I would be thrilled to win so I can gift this to my mom.

  2. This spiralizer looks so easy to use I have a manual one and its a pain to use so I dont use it to often. I would love to own this one.

  3. I think it looks much safer than a mandolin. Nice long slices great for sub for pasta. I would love to add to my kitchen tools.

  4. I think it would be a really fun addition to the kitchen! I think the most important thing is that a dish be tasty, but second to that is how the dish looks and this would help to make very pretty dishes.

  5. I love how easy it looks, and anything that I can try to help eating veggies more fun is a bonus! I can see how some carrots or cucumbers in a spiral shape would make salads a lot more fun, for both me and my 6 YO.

  6. I always wanted a spiralizer and this machine looks so much better and easier to use then the ones I have looked at

  7. I would love to try this little buddy lol I think with something fun like this I might be able to get the little to chime in on making the food but ,most of all actually eating more veggies! Thank you Tricia, great review and fab giveaway! Good luck to all 🙂

  8. Ever since you posted the zucchini chips I have wanted the WonderVeg. I have the vegetti but it cant do what this does!

  9. I have been wanting on of these for some time now! Hoping I can pick one up soon. They are so neat and can do a lot!

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