Dollar Tree Makes It Easy To Show Your American Pride!

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 Show Your Patriotism With Dollar Tree

With the patriotic holidays coming soon, almost all of us want to show some kind of  love for our country. I personally host a get together or BBQ when the 4th Of July comes along. It helps bring people together and have some good times. I used to head 2 or 3 different stores to shop for all of my desired decorations, snacks, and drinks, But now I only go to one.. the Dollar Tree.

The Dollar Tree is a one stop shop for me. I can get my plates, cups, forks, spoons, and table cloths there. I also get my invitations. But did you know that at the Dollar Tree, there other items,too? It’s true! You’re able to buy bottled waters, soda, candies, chips,cookies… you name it. Dollar Tree has it. And the best part is… it’s only a DOLLAR!!

Brand Names… And Couponing!

Dollar Tree has some brand names that you know and use now,too. Oh yeah… you can use coupons at the store. How awesome is that? Just make sure to check the coupon policy at your local store before heading out. And then, shop for all the cool things you may want or need for your next Red,White,and Blue party! Look at some of the awesome items that are in stock right now!

Play Glow Patriotic 6-Stick Glow Wands with Plastic Handles, 12 in.  Patriotic Latex Balloons, 12-ct. Packs dollar tree Patriotic Balloon Weights/Centerpieces, 13 in. dollar tree

All of the items at the store and online are $1. If you buy online, you may have to buy by quantity, but the deal is still great! Take a look and see what you want and happy shopping!!

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