Cold Weather Is Coming… Keep Your Pets Paws Moisturized With Pawstik

Winter Is Coming. Keep Pets Paws Moisturized With Pawstik


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Brrr. That cold weather season is coming. Okay… right about now in most parts of the U.S., the weather is decent and we are enjoying a much needed break from the heat as well as a lowering of our electric bill (hopefully). But … that cold cold old man Winter weather is coming. The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for severe snowstorms this year, and with me being a pet owner (I have a Welsh Corgi), it means more than snow. For me, it means that I need to make sure that precious baby girl is prepared for the cold weather just as much as I am.

You see, we go out for walks and jogs out along our neighborhood running/biking trail, and Roxy doesn’t wear dog shoes (I think those things are terrible). So, the best way that we can ensure that her feet are cared for is to use balms and things of that nature. That’s the main reason why I decided to test out Pawstik Paw Balm.

Organic Pawstik   Pawstik is a best-selling Healing Paw Balm created by the Opie and Dixie company. Their formula comes in convenient stick form, and can be the answer to your dog’s dry, cracked paws! I personally love how safe and gentle it is to apply to my pups paws. Pawstik works for pets during harsh winter and summer climates. Safe for bunnies, too! I plan on using Pawstik moreso when the colder weather comes, but if you have a pet whose paws need some TLC, try this USDA Organic formula… it’ll work for you.


The Pawstik Story
Beach Dogs Opie and Dixie Pet Products

All-natural, organic and vegan grooming aids for the holistic care of dogs and cats.

Like many of you and your own pets, my life revolves around my girls, Opal (Opie) and Dixie. Our pets bring nothing but the best to our lives, so it’s only fitting for us to want nothing but the best for theirs. This is why, since 2008 Opie & Dixie has been developing safe, synthetic-free, toxin-free products using only the highest quality, 100% natural and organic ingredients sourced from right here in North America – ingredients for the well-being of both my pets and yours.

Opal (Opie) and Dixie are the first ones I see each morning when I rise and the last ones I see each night as I crawl into bed, hoping they won’t hog the covers. I am devoted to doing all I can to ensure that they live long, healthy lives. This starts with their diets and filters right down to their toys, beds and grooming aids.

In 2008, unable to find  the same safe, natural and organic ingredients for my pets that I use myself, I decided to develop a line of similar products especially formulated for dogs and cats. Thus, Opie & Dixie was born.  The ingredients we use are sourced in North America and we stand by them with confidence and trust; after all, our products have been ‘road tested’ by humans!

I stand by my promise of “nothing but the best” for Opal and Dixie, and believe that my products fulfill that promise. I am thrilled to share them with you in the hopes that your pets will enjoy the same great health and vibrant spirits as my own girls!

Debbie Guardian


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