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Doctors’ Best Home Remedies For Quick Constipation Relief

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Doctors’ Best Home Remedies For Quick Constipation Relief

You know what they say, sh*t happens. But for over 42 million Americans, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s right, we’re talking about constipation.

What is constipation?

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If we want to consult the dictionary, constipation is “a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels.” Simply put, constipation is struggling to poop. Chances are it has affected you or a loved one at some point, so we’ve all got some experience with constipation in one form or another.

Squatty Potty toilet stools have been instrumental in helping some people find relief from constipation. Our company was founded on an attempt to treat constipation after all. Squatting to poop makes a big difference. But what else can be done to find constipation relief?

Meet the doctors

We asked real doctors about real home remedies for fast constipation relief. In this article which you can access on our blog, we have compiled their responses so that you can better understand the causes of constipation, how to prevent the problem, what you can do for relief and when to seek medical attention.

What are the primary causes of constipation?

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Dairy. Cow’s milk and dairy products are largely responsible for our constipation epidemic. Contrary to popular belief, our bones won’t crumble without them. In fact, there are studies showing excluding them makes our bones stronger.

Medications are a big contributor as well: aluminum-containing antacids, high blood pressure medications, antidepressants, anti-seizure medication, opioids like codeine and morphine, antihistamines like Claritan and Zyrtec, iron supplements, anti-nausea medications, just to name a few. ~Dr. Struble

There are many different causes of constipation. The most common cause is dietary, specifically not having enough fiber intake. However there are many other causes and contributing factors such as thyroid problems, diabetes, certain medications, increasing age and not getting enough exercise.

It is less common, but still possible to have a physical problem involving the intestines, the anal and rectal area, or the muscles that control pooping. Adding to this are the incorrect bathroom habits that have become part of our culture that contribute to the countless people that suffer from constipation. ~Dr. Tejirian

Hormones in pregnant, menopausal and postpartum women as well as poor diet and behaviors. Incorrect defecation posture and positioning can also contribute. ~Marianne Ryan PT, OCS

Unbalanced Diet:

Dairy, refined and processed foods, fried foods and others that cause occasional constipation, when consumed excessively, can lead to chronic constipation.

Medications: Certain medications may cause chronic constipation. Be sure to read the side effects on labels.

Inactivity and Lack of Exercise: Staying active and fit is one of the best ways to prevent and relieve occasional constipation.

Altered Bowel Habits: Holding in bowel movements or just ignoring the urge to go is one of the most common causes of occasional constipation. Rarely holding it in won’t cause any long-term problems, but doing so frequently may be creating a bit of a traffic jam in your intestinal tract.


If you don’t find a way to reduce your daily stress you may end up experiencing constipation. We all encounter stress throughout our day and react to it differently. Get the stress relief you need before it becomes a compounded problem. ~Dr. Group

Constipation can have any number of root causes. A primary cause of constipation is a diet consisting of foods high in fat and sugar. This type of diet deprives the intestines of dietary fiber that helps promote bowel movements. Other dietary causes of constipation include not drinking enough fluids, or eating large amounts of dairy products.

Disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anal fissures or hemorrhoids, intestinal obstructions, and pelvic floor problems can also cause constipation. It can also be caused by a variety of medicines, such as pain medication, anti-depressives, and antacids.

Poor bathroom habits are another cause. It’s important to go poop when you first have the urge. Delaying it causes more fluids (and salts) to be absorbed out of the stool in the lower intestine, so it just gets harder. Most people get constipated if they get too busy to go to the bathroom, especially kids. ~Healthline


There seems to be a general consensus among our doctors about the causes of constipation. We can sum up these causes as being related to the following:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle/Exercise
  • Medications/Diseases
  • Poop posture

What is the best way to prevent constipation?

Want to keep from possibly becoming constipated?  Read here to see some very helpful ways to prevent this bad experience.

What are the most effective home remedies for constipation relief?

There are many ways to treat constipation. Go here to see some of those ways!


They say the best defense is a strong offense. Preventing constipation is always easier than treating it. But if you find yourself in the painful clutches of constipation, try some of these home remedies for fast relief. Doctor’s orders.

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DISCLAIMER: As always, seek the advice of your own qualified physician or other healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding symptoms or a medical condition.

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