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Is 2020 The Year For Influencers ?

Happy 2020, everybody! It is a new decade and … I have done absolutely NOTHING for this whole entire time (not really),lol! But now, I’m going to upping my activity… no more lazy bones! I wanna talk to you guys about influencing blog marketing and how a rise of Influencers is happening. It’s a great opportunity for a lot of the female based businesses to just come and take over this year!

As you may already know, I have been a Blogger for about 10 years now. The term “Blogger” has, in my opinion, expanded into the world and scene of influencer. So now, instead of calling myself a Blogger, I have adopted the term Influencer. That is because a lot of the things that I talk about (i.e., the products that I buy), I tell about to you all. And, it does have an influence on whether or not you purchase the product or not sometimes. So, that is why I fall under the broad umbrella of the term.

Different Influencer Types

Nowadays, there are different types of influencers. Meaning that we can all fall into a different category. For myself, I fall under the Micro influencer category, which is one step above the lowest rank, Nano. Now I have about a 30,000 followers all combined with my social media. Nano Influencers have less, while Macros and Megas have a way higher following.

I do work with many brands as a M/I, but there are about 3 other types of influencers that are higher than me. They get paid way better than I do and they get to work with basically any company they choose to sometimes! If you want to learn more about the different types of influencers, you can click on this helpful link. You can also visit this page on to learn more about influencer marketing. This page will give you a whole plethora of information in regards to improving your marketing strategy while influencing.

Intellifluence Works

Sallybot Intellfluence influencers

As an influencer, I use a lot of different media outlets as ladders to help elevate my social imprint. One of my go to sites is I have been using this site for about 2 years and it’s treated me well. Luckily,I have been able to work with some really interesting brands and the pay is good-ish. I can say that once you’re done with your project they pay you pretty quickly. It’s not like a net 30 or net 90 (you get paid after 30 or 90 days) the ways most other influence brands are. Intellifluence has been working on doing spotlights on their influencers of choice, which I think is a good thing. One of these days, I’m going to be an influencer in the spotlight too!

When it comes to which term I like better, Blogger vs Influencer, I think I’m going to choose Influencer. As I mentioned previously, a lot of what I say and feel about a product does have an impact on the people who read my blog follow me on social media. It influences their choices on what products to go out and buy. Also,I try to be as transparent as possible as would any true influencer and/or Blogger. No bias even though sometimes it can be tasking… especially if a product that I have isn’t working for me.

But, I always keep in mind that just because a product doesn’t work for ME, doesn’t mean it won’t work for the next person. That’s why we are called Influencers …because if we let our personal opinions get in the way of speaking the facts and the specs it can sway a person to go for or against a product.

Side Note… Or Tangent, If You Will

I personally don’t believe that I will ever stop being an influencer whether it be influencing choices on or off social media. People do listen to me and my opinions, so I have to take that into account. Sharing my experiences with anybody who wants to hear about my travels and the products that I encounter in my own life is fun for me. I don’t like talking about products that I’ve not tried myself because, really, how can you tell the truth about a product if you don’t use it?

And… FYI… using an item 1 time isn’t actually using it. So if you guys have influencers or bloggers out there that you’re following and they tell you about buying a product and they haven’t a used it or used it only once…  don’t listen to them! They’re not very …educated … on said product. WAAAAAIT… pump my brakes . I am gonna put this disclaimer out right now though:

  … if a person only used a product one time because it caused an allergic reaction or it harmed them some way, then definitely you could follow that!

OK so there’s that disclaimer there. But damn… really I need you guys to pick your influencers better. Make sure that when they tell you something they are telling you real facts and not just something that they copied and pasted. And on that note I’m going to just end this article because I’m going to end up on a tangent and I’m probably going to offend 1 or 2 people out there. Simply because I know there’s a handful of copy and paste people out there right now. Anywho… you guys tune in to my next article … I don’t know what it will be but it’s coming!

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