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SnackNation – Delicious, Healthier Snacks Delivered To Your Door

SnackNation – Healthier Snacks Delivered


Snacks… Who doesn’t love them? I know for a fact that this girl enjoys snacking. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I eat healthy snacks, but most of the time the snacks are more in the “tastes delicious but so not good for you” category.

What’s a person supposed to do when they want to live a healthy lifestyle but is still semi addicted to the “no-no” foods? SnackNation to the rescue!!

What Is SnackNation?

SnackNation is a subscription box that is full of healthy and delicious snack alternatives. When I say alternatives, I don’t the sawdust bars of yesteryear. I’m talking about full size products like BarkThins, Plentils, Pirate Booty, and Gummy Bears! YES… all this and more can be found in a SnackNation box! In the SnackNation box, you get FIFTEEN (15) full size products to share with your family and friends. Or, you can keep them all for yourself (I did,  ha!)!  This subscription box is created to satisfy your snack cravings while still being pretty darn healthy. Don’t believe me? Look at the video below and see the box I received this month!


Did you like what you saw?  Want a box of your own? You can get one for 50% Off by clicking here. The box of goodies is $10, and there may be S&H fee. But if you do the math, the cost of all 15 products you’ll be getting is much higher. Oh, did I mention that you can customize the kind of goodie box you want? “It’s true, Sandy” (Super Troopers).  For example, if you only desire chips and crackers in your box, you can order it to be that way. The SnackNation company is here to give you, the consumer, exactly what you want. So go on and give them a try. Order your BOX and get to snacking!


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