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Meatless Monday ? Try Quorn!

Meatless Monday ? Try Quorn!

Quorn - dedicated to meat-free Gruyere cutlet

Do you participate in Meatless Monday ? I know a few people who do, including myself. I think the whole Meatless Monday movement is great. You get a chance to give your body a break from having to break down the red meat, pork, chicken, or fish that you may be eating on a daily basis. I know that some people think it’s hard to go meatless for a whole day, but really it’s not. There are a great deal of companies out there with products for consumers to choose from when it comes to having a vegetarian or vegan diet. One of the companies is Quorn.

What ARE Quorn Products?

     Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein, a nutritionally healthy protein source that is meat free and naturally low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Quorn products have the taste, appearance and texture of meat, perfect if you want meat free meals or are thinking of creating healthier versions of your favorite everyday meals.

In other words.. it’s a non soy protein that tastes so much like chicken, my 14 year old daughter prefers eating it over most other chicken dishes. Yes… it’s true ( I’m shocked,too)! I have a freezer full of Quorn products now, and I can’t seem to keep them in stock, my kids eat them so much. I found a great variety of the product line at my local Giant and Safeway stores, but I;m sure they also have them at Whole Foods and possibly Target.

My kids really do enjoy the line. They have the nuggets as a snack, the patties for chick’n parmesan, and the sausages for breakfast, of course. There are a ton of recipes on the Quorn site that you can use in case you just don’t know what to make with the foods. But in my family, we always come up with some great dishes. Quorn products include bacon slices, breakfast sausage links and patties, chicken nuggets and patties. fajita strips, meatballs, veggie patties, chicken cutlets… the list is vast. Check here to see everything the line carries.

Meatless Breakfast Sausage Patties  Meatless Bacon Style Slices  Meatless Fajita Chicken Strips  Meatless Garlic Herb Chicken Cutlets

I truly enjoy having these products as dinners and lunches, and I am really considering substituting my breakfast with Quorn products, but that isn’t a definite just yet. I would recommend giving Quorn a try if you’re wanting a way to try eating meatless. It’s got the texture of real chicken cutlets and the taste is soooo delicious. Trust me, if this didn’t taste good, I would tell you. So if you see Quorn products in your local grocery store, buy a pack and try it for yourself. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Until then, consider taking a day away from meat on Meatless Monday!



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