Spring Cleaning: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Garden Hose?

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Garden Hose Reel

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Over time, traditional garden hose reels will begin to deteriorate and become dysfunctional. Maybe for the first few months, your plastic hose reel operated well. Then with use, it began to become problematic while using your garden hose or reeling it back in. Instead of dealing with a faulty hose reel when you need it most, you can perform routine checks on it throughout the year to ensure it is in good working condition.

Here’s a list of most common problems seen in garden hose reels. If one or more of these issues arise at home, then it’s time to upgrade to a higher quality hose reel.

Cracked Reel Plastic

This is a common issue that you’ll encounter with plastic garden hose reels. Sun damage, consistent use, temperature shifts during the year, and more will contribute to the hose reel plastic to become brittle. Eventually, the plastic will crack and become more difficult to use. If you find cracks in your hose reel, it is only a matter of time before those cracks become more severe and render the reel inoperable. It’s also a danger to your hose, as large, sharp cracked areas can damage the hose when pulled through them. A replacement will need to be made immediately.

Persistent Reel Leakage

Leaking is another common problem that garden hose reel owners encounter. With cheap plastic hose reels, it’s no surprise that they leak after installation. While small leaks may not seem like a big deal, the amount of wasted water adds up on your monthly water bill!

If you’re noticing that your hose reel has begun to leak or that the leaking has worsened, it’s a good idea to upgrade to a better option. If you’re using your hose and hose reel regularly, a higher quality hose reel can effectively save you money simply by preventing leakage.

Faulty Reeling

Do you find that reeling your hose is a chore? Do you dread getting it out for washing vehicles or watering plants simply because your hose reel makes reeling a challenge? Run of the mill hose reels are designed with budget reel systems that make reeling hoses back in more difficult than necessary. These can also easily break, preventing you from the capability to reel in your hose and instead having to wrap it around the reel manually. By upgrading your garden hose reel to a more sophisticated option, you can take the work out of reeling!

  1. If your garden hose reel displays any of these signs, it’s best to consider replacing it right away. Some of the standout features you should look for in a new reel are material, plumbing, functionality, and product warranty. A high quality garden hose reel will be crafted with a metal like aluminum-alloy. Unlike plastic, treated metal will not crack when exposed to the elements or with age. The hardware used should also be superior, as this is what literally holds the reel together!

Steel Is Still King

Stainless steel is a viable metal for hose reel hardware. It may also be important that the reel you choose have a larger capacity option if you use a larger than standard size hose. When shopping for a hose reel, look for specific information about the plumbing. What type of metals does the manufacture use for the components? Are they backed by a warranty for leaking?

These questions will help make your purchase easier. A garden hose reel with a warranty covers you for leaks as well as other potential issues. When you purchase quality, it typically comes at a premium. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but the knowledge you’re investing in a better garden hose reel that will outlast all others will ease any doubt.

After you’ve made the switch, you might be shocked at the stark difference in ease of use between your old and new garden hose reels. Gardening, washing vehicles, spraying off patios and decks, watering the lawn is effortless when using your hose. Reeling it back in when you’re finished with your tasks is easier. Take time to inspect your current hose reel to determine if upgrading is a relevant option for you.


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