The Passing Of A Loved One – How To Handle The After Process

What to Expect When a Loved One Dies Unexpectedly

Losing someone in your family or group of friends that you care about is never an easy time in your life, but when this death comes without any warning, the struggle can be much harder. Without any warning, this much-loved person is suddenly found absent from your life and you are confronted with the mighty task of how you are going to cope with such news.

At this moment, you will need all the help you can get, which is where this article comes in. Below, you will find useful information about what to expect, both from others and from yourself, to get through this all in one piece.

The investigation

When a death is unexpected, there is a chance that an inquest into their death will be held. This helps the authorities rule out any cases of foul play so that the family and friends of the person can rest well at night or get justice where it is deserved. There are three main reasons that trigger the question of “when is an inquest needed into the death of a loved one,“ which is as follows:

1. A violent or unnatural death

2. The cause of death is unknown

3. The death occurred when the deceased was in custody (i.e. Prison, police cell, or psychiatric hospital)

If one of the above applied to the person you lost, then an inquest will most likely occur.

When it comes to grieving

Grieving is a process that everyone goes through differently, but when you are coping with an unexpected death, the process changes yet again.

When someone is old or sick and they pass away, there is, in the background, knowledge that this person is near the end which allows their family to mentally prepare for when the day comes. This won’t make grieving easier necessarily, but it will make accepting the situation and moving on less of a strain.

When you are coping with a sudden loss, you may experience common side effects such as panic, anxiety, and/or a disturbed sleeping pattern. With your grief, it is vital that you reach out for professional help, even if you don’t feel you need it. The chance to talk through your feelings, even if it is only once, with someone impartial will help you to make sense of the situation and move on healthily.

Letting everyone know

One job no one wants is having to pass on the news of a death, but by knowing how to tell people this person has passed away, you will be able to ease the pain of others and help them through.

* Make sure to talk to them somewhere private. They may need to cry and be alone for a while, so being in a place that allows them to react naturally is key.

* Where possible, always tell people face to face. This means there is no chance of them being alone and hearing the news which could lead to a bigger, more traumatic emotional reaction

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