Screens : 7 Reasons to Love Pet Window Ones

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Screens: Who Doesn’t Love Good Pet Screens?

As a pet owner, you no doubt love and adore your furred family. They give us unconditional love when we need it most, make us laugh with their silly antics. And they also give us comfort with their soft fur, presence, or purrs. Sometimes, it is easy to even consider them as our children. They are certainly precocious, rambunctious, and excited by the world young or old.

Yet, as a pet owner, you know that every pet can go through growth stages and behaviors that could be called the ‘terrible twos.’ Puppies often chew and jump until trained not to, cats often get lost in the thrill of the hunt, getting their claws stuck. This, unfortunately, leads to holes in your screen. And in worse case scenarios, completely ripping them or tearing them off the window frame entirely.

Average window screens, while excellent at what they do, weren’t engineered to handle a 50 to a 75-pound bundle of happiness that is a golden retriever, or the claws of your cat that thinks she’s a wild tiger. Luckily there is an alternative window screen out there that as a pet parent you are going to love. The pet window screen is a specially engineered type of window screen made to withstand your pet’s playfulness that you will love. And here are 7 reasons to love pet window screens.

1. Same reliability and functionality from regular screens.

You won’t sacrifice any functionality of regular window screens with a pet screen. If you’ve been hesitating to open your windows during the changing seasons due to overly enthusiastic pets, or, because they may have already damaged your window screens, by replacing them or using a pet window screen you don’t have to worry about suffering through another spring, summer, or perfect fall with the windows shut.

Also, pet window screen mesh is exceptionally reliable when it comes to keeping insects out of your home. Meaning you can throw open the windows or the sliding patio door and use the patio screen door to let the fresh air move through your home easily. Pet screens are installed exactly like regular bug screens. This means you can install them in any pre-existing frame. Or, you can have pet screens used in custom and premade window screen frames if you wish.

2.  High-quality construction and exceptionally durable materials.

The similarities between average window screens and pet screens end at keeping insects out and the ability to be used in any window screen or existing one. Average window screens are made from flexible, economical fiberglass fabric strands coated in vinyl. However, fiberglass can stretch, tear easier and isn’t meant to withstand heavy weight or contact with sharp objects.

Because of the special nature of pet window screens, as they must be tough to withstand claws and paws, the construction and durability is much greater than the average window screen. Pet screens are constructed from a tough polyester yarn that is covered with polyvinyl chloride, or PVC lining. This lining creates a much stronger, pliable mesh that can withstand jumping, pet weight, and claws.

3. Screens can be stronger and more long-lasting.

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Thanks to the specialized polyester yard and PVC coating, a pet screen when exposed to the same elements of a fiberglass screen will perform and last much longer. Even if you can keep a fiberglass screen free of wear and tear from your pets, as the years go on time and exposure to the damaging rays of the sun as well as weather begin to take their toll on fiberglass window screens. Fiberglass window screens will begin to sag as well as fade.

With pet screens, you will get years of fade-resistant, tear-resistant, weather-resistant use that will outlast the usual fiberglass mesh. Pet screens tend to be seven times stronger than your traditional screen. So overall, a pet screen is going to outlast a fiberglass mesh window screen.

4. Screens are not just “good for pets”.

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Pet screens can resist up to 400lbs of weight on average, with some pet screens going up to 800lbs. When you consider the amount of weight a pet screen can handle, if you happen to have a toddler as well as pets—pet window screens may contribute to withstanding your enthusiastic toddler as much as it could a Husky puppy jump.

Together, a pet screen window is also an excellent layer of safety and security. With fiberglass window screens, there’s always the chance a pet or toddler could pop the entire screen from the window, which can lead to some serious hazards not to mention a lost pet.

5. Customizable Colors for screens.

Your standard fiberglass screen is most usually only available in black or charcoal. Many pet screens these days allow you to choose a wider range of contemporary colors such as brown, stucco, dark bronze, and beige just for a small example.

6. Available as single rolls or custom made with frames.

If you want to save yourself a good chunk of cash, a pet window screen is available in rolls or customized sizes with window frames as well. Many reputable screen vendors now allow customers to purchase every single item they need to replace and upgrade window screens themselves, from offering precisely cut frames ready to be put together, the screen, the frame color, a crossbar if needed, and even any specialized hardware.

7. A Screen an investment that pays for itself.

When you factor in all the things which make the difference between a fiberglass screen and a pet screen:

Reliable at keeping out bugs, debris, dust and allowing ventilation and fresh air inside.

Higher-quality construction and better materials used in creation.

Stronger in resisting harsher weather, sunlight, tear and cut resistance, and longer lasting. Preventing you from having to pay to constantly have them fixed or replaced.

Great for pets and toddlers.

Customizable screen color options.

Available in a wide variety of choices for easy use and installation.

A worthy investment that pays for itself.

You can surely agree that these 7 reasons to love pet screens are more than enough to consider changing to a pet window screen today.

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