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Do you like wine? I do. Actually, I have been an avid wine drinker for about a decade now. Before, when I was younger, like in my 20’s, it didn’t really matter what wine I drank. But, spending 5 years or so in Washington State (one of the “wine countries”), I’ve learned that not all wines are created equal. And since then, I appreciate a good glass.

Wine drinking is truly an art. I mean, yeah, you can go to the store and a couple of dollars on a bottle, but are you really getting quality? No, not really. You need to invest a little in your experience to fully enjoy it. I’ve spent upwards of $90 for one frigging amazing bottle of red wine. Yup… it’s true… I did. Buy you don’t have to spend that much anymore! I mean, unless you’re a super fancy person that afford to spend coin like that,lol. No… now you can choose delicious and high quality wines online from Winc.

What Is Winc?

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Winc was founded in 2012 by Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane because of a shared belief that wine should be more accessible: simpler to get and easier to enjoy. They joined forces with winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith to build a personalized wine club that has quickly grown into Winc—a California-based winery offering an online membership experience, with wines that are featured at select retailers and restaurants nationwide. Winc is a thriving community of hundreds of thousands of wine lovers that is growing everyday—follow us @winc.

My Winc Experience

First thing’s first. I was given an opportunity by Winc to try a variety of wines from their site. I actually placed my 1st order in January, but I had some pretty frustrating hiccups occur. For example, the first 5 bottles I chose from the site… all sucked. No, I’m not kidding; all of the wines I picked truly tasted horrible. And I had a good variety. Reds, Whites, Blushes… it was a well rounded pick. I couldn’t enjoy not one of the wines.

Now the good part about that is that I was able to see the way Winc customer service works. I called the company with my concerns/complaints, and guess what they did? They worked with me. The representative listen to what I was complaining about (even when I said that all the wine tasted like “ass”), and they stayed courteous and professional.

And then… they gave me a credit back so that I could use it to order other wines at a later time. How can you not end the call feeling being a satisfied customer?! I ended up ordering wine this month in March. And I ordered, my wine was delivered to my door 1 week later. By the way… the BONUS WORD for the Spike Seasonings Giveaway is “WINE O’ CLOCK” (hope you were reading,lol)! This time, the wine is good. Well, at least the first bottle I have opened… I have not opened the other 4 yet. But the one I do have, Lost Poet #Atticus, is a wonderful red.

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Wine Cost

I’m not going to tell you that the wines at Winc are all “affordable”, because they can get pricey. But, in my opinion, they range of prices can be “do-able” if you consider yourself wine connesieur. For example, my Lost Poet bottle costs $15, but my white Alma is $13. So, they vary in price, as you can see.  I do have a nice deal for you, though. If you order through my link here, you’ll get $22 dollars to spend on your first order. So, you could get at least 1 bottle of wine for free… you just have to browse through the wine choices.


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