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We Tried The Foodstirs Modern Baking Kit. See How Our Baking Turned Out!


Foodstirs – Modern Baking For The Modern Family

Hey, everyone! You know how much I enjoy cooking and sharing my foodie pics with you, right? Well, today I want to introduce you to a company that I recently began working with. Their name is Foodtirs, and I really enjoy the modern way of baking that they offer consumers like me and you.

As I stated, this is a company that I’m working with and whatever links I provide in this article may contribute to me receiving compensation. Be that as it is… I still really want to tell you about Foodstirs. Let’s start by giving you a “company description”, and then I’ll follow with my experience using the brand. Here we go!


Founded by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Greg Fleishman and Galit Laibow, Foodstirs is committed to providing baking experiences that feed your sense of goodwill, and your cravings! Ingredients are the heroes of our mixes and we do what it takes to ensure they are tasty, pure, and good. We offer simply delicious, easy to make, holiday themed baking kits delivered bi-monthly. Our mixes are crafted with the modern baker in mind. From box to bowl, from pan to plate, the entire Foodstirs baking experience is designed to be seamless, memorable and seriously delicious in approximately 6 steps or less! Foodstirs kits are perfect for busy moms, families who love to create together, kids with a passion for baking, and anyone with a sweet tooth!” You can also visit the Foodstirs site to learn more.

 Here We Go

Foodstirs sent me this fun baking kit to try out so I could get a better feel of what the company represents. As you can see, it’s a box that contains nearly everything you need to create a delicious dessert (Minus any liquids you may need). Don’t hate the blurry photos, Mr.Man took them and he really stinks at taking photos that I may need for an article. It’s true…It’s true.


So, once I finally returned home from my Texas trip, of course I decided to console myself with sweet treats. Food stirs was there to help me with that task with the wonderful shortcake recipe kit they sent. This little subscription box contained almost everything I need in order to create cute strawberry shortcakes. They even sent the cute little cupcake holders and the decorative straws to add after the shortcakes were baked!  Everything included… except, butter, milk, and yogurt. I guess that’s okay, though, because those 3 items are wet foods and I suppose they wouldn’t travel well for the type of baking recipes that Foodstirs provides.

 Easy As 1,2,3 ?

The recipe sheet itself was simple to ready and the steps were very easy to follow. My daughter and I had no problem getting all of the ingredients incorporated for the shortcake dough. Everything was going fine and looking great until we got to the frosting part. The recipe called for milk, and I do believe that we put the correct amount of liquid in the frosting mix,but something went wrong. The frosting was supposed to be whipped, thick, and kinda stiff. We ended up with thin and runny frosting. It was disappointing to us. We did try other ways to firm up the frosting but to no avail. And because our frosting didn’t turn out as planned, we didn’t even eat the dessert treats.

 Womp, Wooomp!

I’m not blaming the Foodstirs kit for this project going wrong. I suppose it just happens sometimes. Hopefully next time will be different. Which is why my opinion on the Foodstirs subscription kit is still high. It’s not as high as I would have ranked it before trying this particular recipe. But, I still believe that anyone can have a really enjoying time creating new delicious treats with the kits.If you would like to know more about the kits,  you can visit the Foodstirs website here. Also, if you use code –  -, you can save 20% your order!

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