This One Thing Can Help Keep Your Food Fresher, Longer, And Save You Money

Want To Know How To Save Money And Keep Your Food Fresher?

Let’s face it. Times are hard and a lot of us are strapped for cash. This brings about bargain shopping and trying to stretch your dollar for all that is is worth. Trust me, I feel your pain. When I started Tricia’s-List, it was a couponing website. I would cut out all the coupons from the Sunday ads and then go shopping. A $100 shopping bill would dwindle down to $50 or $60. That’s also when I found out that buying in bulk is the best way to shop. Especially when it came to food. The only thing is that when I would stock up on certain items, like meats, I would risk them getting freezer burned.

A few years ago, food vacuum sealers came out and gave us bulk buyers a new toy. And,  it helped us stretch our hard earned money even further. How? By protecting our frozen (and fresh) foods by keeping them safe from freezer burn and air that can rot our veggies quicker. I have gone through 2 vacuum sealers in my lifetime. Now, I have another, newer one. It’s the Freshlocker VS160S, and I’m loving it and its new features!

Freshlocker VS160S Features

  • Stainless Steel Design Vacuum Sealer : Different from other plastic vacuum machine, Stainless steel construction makes Freshlocker VS160S Vacuum Sealer system durable for long-term use and easy to clean.
  • Multi-function mode operation – Automatic Vacuum seal, Seal Only , gentle mode for moist/juicy foods and normal for dry foods. Extra vacuum hole on the top of the machine for vacuuming canisters. (Canister and hose are not included)
  • Easier operation:Press both ends of the top cover correctly to close it (Left to right, heard two clicks). Press the switch button, easily start your work. Equipped with LED indicator lights clearly show you the status of machine.
  • Convenient cutting : Build-in cutter machine, convenient to cut the roll bags and ensure that smooth of the bag open mouth. The cutter machine can cut out the size of the bag you want and reduce the waste of the bag.
  • Starter kit includes Freshlocker vacuum sealer, 1 Roll 8”x 10ft, 1 Roll 11”x 10ft, 5 Bags (Quart 8″x 12″), 5 Bags (Gallon 11″x 16″). All kinds being reusable and waterproof, Safety with FDA Approved and BPA Free. A complete bundle for your new cooking era.

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 Why Use A Food Saver?

Some people don’t know why having a food vacuum could be beneficial to them. So, I will share my reason for owning one. I like to buy food in bulk… especially when there’s a great sale going on at the grocery store! Buying your foods in bulk not only saves you money, but it also helps you and your family have better, healthier meals for a longer time at home. I personally save $100’s of dollars by stocking up on my meats and veggies. The only problem is… when you buy in bulk, you have to store and package your food correctly so they don’t spoil. And that is where the Freshlocker comes in.

Buy the food, bring it home, and then separate it according to the meal size you want. Then use the Freshlocker to seal up your foods to freeze and also, to protect them from crazy freezer burn. If you want to be crafty and meal prep somewhat, you could even season or add marinades to your meats. That way, they’ll be packed with flavor when you decide to take them out to thaw and cook. This is a method I use a lot, and I have not been disappointed yet. Take a look at the video demonstration on out YouTube Channel to see how easy it is to use the Freshlocker.

My Thoughts On The FreshLocker

Okay, I have had a food vacuum for a long time, so experience with them may (or may not) be on my side. This new Freshlocker is not only less expensive than the brand name one by at least $40, it has some extra features on it that I didn’t have on my old one! For example, there’s 3 options for sealing. The 1st is for dry sealing, the second is for moist sealing, and the 3rd option is to use when you just want to seal with NO vacuum. One the other new features (to me) is the canister seal. Now, I can vacuum the air out of my plastic containers to keep my powders and flours nice and fresh for longer!

I would totally recommend purchasing the Freshlocker or something like it. It truly can help save you money over time and it does wonders to stretch your $$, and keep your food fresher longer whether you’re freezing or just dry storing it.

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