Want A Free Gift Card? Follow These Easy Steps!

Gift Card ? I’ll Show How To Get One… FREE!

Gift Card - Kolosov Dance Shoes

You guys! This is one of the EASIEST ways that I earn gift cards. I promise you it is not invasive and it really is very simple to use. These steps listed below show you how to get the card. Then, leave your responses in the comment section how it worked for you. Now, you do need to have a new account. Meaning that you have to sign up with a spanking brand new account for this sign up bonus to work for you. But that is the only catch. And then, once you are signed up, you can get even more cards/points by using the tips they give you in the app. Don’t believe me? You can visit my Facebook page to see the step by step video I made showing it. Thank you for reading and visit the blog every day!

Free Rewards & gift card on Groceries | Fetch Rewards

  1.  Get Fetch Rewards On your phone via your app. store ( Google Play or Itunes ) 
  2.  ENTER Referral Code: WM8XM { YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! }
  3.  You will get a $2.00 GiftCard JUST for getting the app.
  4. 🔥 $1.00 for scanning ANY receipt.
  5. 🔥 $3.00 GIFT CARD in 5 minutes! EVERYONE GETS IT!
  6. ONLY A $3.00 Minimum to cash out ! 

By the way, if you read this whole article, you are mere steps away from winning a gift card from me. Click this link to be taken to the giveaway page…CONGRATS!!!

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