One Of The Best Ways to Get Groceries Without Leaving Home (hint… it’s Instacart)!

It’s 2021… Make Shopping Work For You!

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The roaring 20’s are back and we really need to make the most of them! That means using our time wisely and making memories that lasts lifetimes. As a person who is choosing to have a busier than normal schedule this year, I need to ensure that my time is used smartly.

Even though my kids are all damn near grown (my youngest turns 19 soon), I still want to have great food choices and meals ready for them at home. The following is one of my shopping tips that I have used in the past and continue to use to this day. Why? Because it works and it lets me do other productive things instead of wandering around in a grocery aisle kicking up my anxiety. I hope these tips can help you out,too!

I love using Instacart for online grocery shopping!

My first and biggest tip is to do food subscription boxes. You all know that I am huge fan of using them. However, some people don’t like the minimal dinner choices included in boxes. Plus, sometimes people just want to have their own foods, snacks, and dinner combos. So that leads me to probably the best choice… online grocery shopping. For that, I choose Instacart.

 What Is Instacart, and Why Choose It?

For starters, let me tell you what Instacart is. In a nutshell, it’s shopping for your groceries online. You choose which grocery store you want to shop from and then select items you need and them put in them in your shopping cart. Once you’re done selecting everything you want, you buy it. Then a person goes to the store for you,picks the best products there at your selected store, bags them, and delivers them straight to your door. How awesome is that?!

I’ve used the Instacart service numerous times just because it’s convenient and quite helpful to me. Not to mention, my anxiety has really started to kick in over the past year. So being able to have another person go into a crowded grocery store and shop for me is a big plus for me. Plus, it saves you time,money, and the frustration of standing in line and/or banging into other peoples carts. For me, it steers mental stress away from having to deal with … people. I told you, my anxiety is something else.

My Experience With Aldi.

The very first time I used this Instacart service, I was pretty impressed. I chose to shop from Aldi because I absolutely LOVE the store and their products… like, all of them. My order was around $40, which is pretty good considering the amount of food I had in my shopping cart. I ordered my groceries, scheduled a delivery time, and then paid for them. Next thing I know, BOOM… I’m getting a text message alerting me that my groceries are 10 minutes away from arriving at my door! Yup… that simple. I love instacart and I think you’ll love it too. Give it a try today using this link and you’ll get $10 applied to your 1st purchase on me! Don’t forget to use Code: TWEHNER18F12B in the promo code box at checkout!

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