Need A Good Shampoo For Your Pup? Here’s One To Try!


I LOVE My Dog Shampoo !

Lovely Fresh


Are you a pet owner? I am! I have a beautiful Welsh Corgi, and her name is Roxanne, Roxy for short. It can be a challenge trying to get Roxy to a groomer once a month for certain things like nail trimming,hour long brushings,and more importantly…baths. However, when I can’t get her to the groomers or I just want to give her the extra mommy-doggy time, I bath her myself. I always try to use something that is good for her skin and something that will help keep her coat nice and shiny. Recently , I was given the chance to try a different doggy shampoo. It’s from the Lovely Fresh company, and the shampoo is called “I Love My Dog” !

A New Shampoo

I received a bottle of the shampoo for free ,and when it arrived at my doorstep, I was very excited to use the shampoo. I was curious as to how it would work with Roxy. So…I took her out and I bathed her . 018

About I Love My Dog Shampoo

The shampoo is orange-ish in color,and it has a very pleasant smell,even sweet , smell to it. Roxy enjoyed the scent while she was being washed.  I noticed that I had a pretty decent lather form up from just a little squirt from the shampoo bottle. It cleaned Roxy’s coat fairly well with little time or effort. The whole shampoo process,which was performed outside in the backyard, took maybe 5-10 minutes. Okay,maybe more around the 5 minute mark. I really like the “I Love My Dog” shampoo . I think I may be replacing other shampoos that I have tried in the past. Heck..I may even take a break from the groomers for her shampoos now. But don’t tell the groomers that !!!

Oh,did I mention that this doggy shampoo is a natural shampoo that is soap, detergent ,and alcohol free ? I know…crazy right ?! Hey, if you want to know about products like I Love My Dog, you can always go to visit Dog Product Picker. The site was created with one thing in mind – to pet owners like us, find the absolute perfect dog products for our perfect dog! Dog Product Picker has a great overview about their choices for the best dog cooling pads.

Best Dog Shampoo All Natural

  • HIGH QUALITY DOG SHAMPOO formulated to make pet’s skin and coat beautiful and healthy, taking care of coat from roots to tips, removing bacteria and adding strength.Vet recommended!

  • Nourishes dog’s coat and makes it thicker, shinier, and healthier

  • Contains NATURAL INGREDIENTS (oatmeal and neem) that soothe, moisturize, and sanitize skin, relieving irritation associated with insect bites

  • Leaves a LASTING FRESH SMELL for days after taking a bath! No more icky dog smell!

  • FOAMS AND RINSES EASILY making the washing process faster and more enjoyable for both dogs and their owners

  • Soap, detergent, and alcohol FREE. Made in the USA. It is bio degradable and comes in a recyclable bottle – good for our planet!

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