Instyler Review & #Giveaway !!!

Take Your Hair Style & Shine BACK With Instyler!

People , it’s time that we got our frizzy ,crazy bedhead hair under control ! I have been a member of the crazy hair club,and I thought that I would stay a member for life. Until InStyler found me ,that is ! I have been seeing the infomercials for years on end talking about how this device makes your hair look oh so couture,and I would grab the phone to order it.Then I saw the price.Then I started thinking, “What if this thing doesn’t work for me?”…then, I would put the phone down and not order it. Simply because I had not so great results from other brands that claimed to work …and failed. But,lucky me, I was given the opportunity to review these Instyler products and guess what ? THESE HAIR STYLERS WORK !!

   The product I tried was the Instyler MAX.  I have made my own video (excuse the P.J.s I’m in ,lol) showing how easy it was for me to use MAX and I also took photos of me using it and the results I get. I think the MAX is an amazing product because it doesn’t just work on certain types of hair,but it works on all types. Believe me ,I know…I have tried numerous other brands and while they help,they pale in comparison to the InStyler products ! It only took about 3 minutes for me to straighten my hair with MAX ,and I got some great shine at the same time !  I also used my daughter as a hairstyle guinea pig for this review. She has a way different hair texture than I do ,so I felt it would be good to show you all that InStyler MAX works on all types of hair. I hope you enjoy the photos ! Oh, if you are interested in buying an InStyler MAX or other InStyler product for yourself or someone, you can save 30% by going through my link and using code SAVE30  !

Tricia’s Instyler hair experience :                                           Kylie’s (age 12) Instyler experience  :

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Want To Win An Instyler ? You CAN By Entering Below !

Giveaway starts Monday , June 22,2015 and ends Monday ,July 6,2015 at 11:59 EST. One winner will be chosen to have their choice of One (1) Instyler Ionic Pro Styler OR One (1) Instyler Tulip Hair Curler. Contest is open to U.S. and Canada. ALL ENTRY STEPS MANDATORY . This contest is sponsored by Tricias-List,and prize will be provided by Tricias-List.

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29 Replies to “Instyler Review & #Giveaway !!!”

  1. californiapoppy says: Reply

    I think the In Styler is GREAT ! I want one !!!

  2. Richard Hicks says: Reply

    Their product line looks terrific and very high quality

  3. jules mcnubbin says: Reply

    i would love to try the curler too! and i love the colors

  4. Rachel Freer says: Reply

    I think the product line is great! Looks easier than what I currently use!

  5. Rebecca Peters says: Reply

    The curler looks so easy and amazing

  6. Keeley Sullivan says: Reply

    I would love to try it! Looks really easy

  7. I like the Instyler product line, some amazing tools! Love that even though your hair is short it still styles in nicely 🙂

  8. Jessica Cyr says: Reply

    i love it , it looks so easy to use !

  9. Deb Christie says: Reply

    I am terrible with hair appliances but I think this one might work for me. I would love to try it.

  10. kellystacy424 says: Reply

    Awesome i don’t have Instagram because i don’t have a smart phone so i couldn’t enter those 2.

    1. I will notate this for you.

  11. denise dixon says: Reply

    Think they look great .. would love to try a new curling product

  12. looks super cool

  13. Marilyn Nawara says: Reply

    The Tulip curler looks interesting — would really like to try it out.

  14. Barbara Riffe says: Reply

    I would love to try. I have very long-thick hair and need a flat iron.

  15. I love the Instyler product line. They look like they would make styling my hair allot easier.

  16. Looks like a great product! Can be used for curls or as a flat iron and doesn’t tangle hair.

  17. This would be a great product for my daughters to use. Both regularly use a flat iron and try to get curls. Sure to be a hit in our house

  18. I think the Instyler line is pretty cool. Looks some pretty innovative products!

  19. Amber McCurdy says: Reply

    I am so excited to try one out.. I love how quick and easy it seems to use.

  20. i like instyler for its different types of products, some of there stuff can apply to me and my hair needs evenwhen others dont

  21. I think the Instyler is awesome and would love to try it! It looks amazing for curling my hair without tangling it!

  22. Thanks Tricia I was wondering how well it would work on African American hair.

  23. I love the design of the Tulip prevents hair from getting tangled.

  24. Livivua Ramsey says: Reply

    I have an in styler from around 2010 and love to have a new one from new line

  25. I think it is a really great product line!

  26. I think these products are terrific

  27. Marilyn Nawara says: Reply

    I think these products are terrific.

  28. I am really interested in this product after seeing your YouTube review. I love that it has a brush attached while heating and straightening, probably works really well.

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