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Best Ways To Quit Smoking And Change Your Life Around

Best ways to quit smoking and change your life around

Smoking is a big problem for anyone who has encountered this issue. It is a vice that slowly drags you in and without even realizing you become an addict. We tend to neglect smoking due to the fact that it is not as crippling as some other vices. In fact, unlike some other addictions, we rarely refer to people smoking cigarettes as addicts. This is one of the biggest issue with it; regardless how you perceive it, it still has disastrous impact on body.

No matter what, smoking is an issue you need to address in a serious manner. Here are some best ways to quit it in 2017.

  1. Admit to yourself you have a vice

As I already said, smoking is a bit different from other vices. While in some other cases you will realize you have a problem, most people don’t perceive that smoking is bad. Even if a person decides to quit, he will think that there are no repercussions to relapsing. Of course, it is hard to compare smoking to drugs or some other vicious addiction. Yet, we cannot neglect it at the same time. Before you can fully commit, you need to admit that this is actually an issue and that you have to find a way to get rid of it.

  1. People are not prepared mentally

Now, this might seem as the same thing in previous tip but it actually isn’t. A lot of people are not mentally fit to face this challenge. Like with any other vice, you shouldn’t wait for things to become tough in order to stop smoking. Instead, best results are achieved when you’re in a good spot mentally.

People with depression, low self-esteem or facing a lot of stress find it hard to quit. Smoking is often used as a relief so without you are unable to do your daily activities. In order to start the process make sure you’re feeling fine and you’re prepared for several months of mental and physical challenge.

 Keep Going!!

  1. Get into shape

People who have addictions are usually complacent. They don’t care about themselves enough to quit their vice. They might think to themselves “Hey, my health is not so perfect so why would I bother quitting cigarettes?”

Although there is some truth to this, you can change your mentality by reversing roles.

Instead of accepting smoking as something that destroys you, isolate smoking as your only health issue. Start training and get your body in shape. This very thing will make it harder to neglect smoking as it will slowly start interfering with your training routine.

  1. Start eating healthy

Similar to exercising, proper diet can definitely set you on the right course. Instead of eating junk food, it is much better to focus on your health and eating more vegetables and fruits. Not only will this healthy you deal with lack of cigarettes (vitamins and minerals will improve your vitality and serve as a stress absorber) but it will also improve your mentality.

  1. Find a substitution

Some people will see substitutions as a form of cheating. However, if something helps you deal with a vice, it is more than welcome. Substitutions such as chewing gums, patches and e-cigarettes based on e-liquid are great especially during initial months. Your first priority is to remove the taste of cigarettes from your mouth at all costs and this is a good way to start it. Even if you stay on substitutions and never manage to go past them, they are still much healthier than using the real nicotine.

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