” Blogger Worth ” & Keys To Knowing Yours ! (Part I)

” Blogger Worth ” … Give It To Me, I’m Worth It!

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Blogger Tips… “Because I’m Worth It”. This is a saying that has been around for decades. Yet, it seems that in life, most people don’t really know their worth. This is due to a couple of factors. Reasons like, somewhere someone  has told you that you are not worth as much as you think, You have not ever thought about your worth, or … you feel that if you put value on yourself you’ll seem too prideful. These thoughts can derail your self confidence and your hinder your ability to “be” all that you may desire to be in life. This cane be particularly true in the Blogging World.

     Did you know? “Because I’m Worth It” is not just any slogan. Introduced by L’Oréal in 1971 as the Parisian beauty brand prepared to launch its hair-colour business in the United States, these four words came to represent a movement as much as a product range.

Why “Worth” In Blogging Is Important.

I know a handful of “Big Bloggers” who can command a hefty fee for the articles, reviews, and posts that they dole out on their websites. To me, being able to do that is a stupendous feat that I hope to achieve one day. At the current moment, I am able to put a minimum fee of $50 per article on my work. BUT, and I stress this, things do not always go that way because there are factors to every single article/post that a blogger writes for any and all companies. This is where knowing your worth comes in. I use this formula to determine my “going rate” when I work with any company (it’s not foolproof, but it does work for me):

  1.   How Old Is My Blog? Most companies that are established also want a blogger with experience. This means that if you are a newbie, you may want to work on building your blog audience up before making a proposal to say, the Nabisco Company. There may be the chance that they will work with you, but more-so they will work quicker with a 5 year old blog as compared to a 6 month old blog.
  2.  How Strong Are My Social Media Connections?  Having strong connections in social media is a huge factor in blogging. In my experience, people relate QUANTITY with strength. Wrong. Sorry, Taylor Swift, but a large “squad” does not mean that you are the best at anything; It simply means that you have a big group. What matters is the QUALITY of your social media connections. For example, “Blogger A” has a Twitter following of 32,000 and “Blogger B” has a following of 6,000. “Blogger A” and “Blogger B” both get about 2300 tweets and retweets a week. Who has the stronger following? “Blogger B” does because they are engaging with almost half of their network, while “Blogger A” is barely getting 13% of their audience to be active. So, while “size matters”, in the blogging world… quality and effort truly rules.
  3.  Blog Quality.  You need to have a quality blog to improve your worth. One cannot simply “copy and paste” a products company features/description and call it s blog or review. Firstly, it’s plagiarism, and secondly… The company has already done that work for you. What they want from you as a blogger is a “word of mouth” experience from you to your readers. That is both the meat of the blog and what people really want to know about …your experience. Regurgitated facts are not fun to read,nor does it intrigue your audience enough for them to come back to you the next time. Consider doing a mix of Specs and Experience, that way you can share your pros and cons, get the product facts out there, and allow your audience to determine if they want the product or not… hence engaging your audience.

I hope that these steps prove beneficial to you. Everything comes in steps and take time to master. Truthfully, I am still learning the process…even after 5 years of blogging myself. Take some time to get these 3 steps down for your blog for now, and then tune in for the next “Keys To Knowing Your Worth” blog installment!

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