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3 Ways Using Supplements Help In Daily Life

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Supplements. The word used to mean little to nothing to me when I was younger, like in my 20’s. However, that may have been because I wasn’t very educated about supplements back then. Now that I’m in my 40’s, I understand supplements a little more, and use them often. Today, I’m writing this article to share what I’ve learned. As well as provide a few tips on how to use supplements to improve daily activities in life.

 What Is A Supplement?

First off, you have to know what a supplement is. A supplement is a manufactured product intended to enhance the diet when taken by mouth as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid form. These methods help give your body more of a specific thing that it needs to function or just to be “better”. For a simple example, iron pills. I suffer from severe anemia, so I have to take an iron pill in order for my body to get a decent level of iron in my body. I also take a Vitamin D supplement because, well… my count for that is low,too.

How Do Supplements Work

From my experience, a good supplement can do wonders for you and your body. 4 Years ago, I fell down my stairs and tore tendons/ligaments in my left ankle. I was in serious pain and for months, was unable to walk properly or put weight on my ankle. My body wasn’t healing as quickly as it should have been. So, I did some research about collagen. Did you know that collagen supports the re-growth of joint tissue and can help relieve joint pain? Guess what? That statement is TRUE!

At least for me it is. You see, once I started taking my liquid collagen, my ankle began healing quicker and healthier. A month later, not only was I able to walk, I even started up my running routine again, no joke!  I have been taking collagen ever since then. I feel better, my skin looks better, and I just feel like I am doing my body a “solid”. Another awesome thing collagen is great for is keeping your skin smooth looking. Oh… did I mention that collagen is one of those things that helps keep your hair and nails looking beautiful?

3 Ways Supplements Can Help In Daily Life

In your daily lifestyle, a good supplement could do wonderful things for you. So many helpful benefits can come from taking a capsule or a spoonful. Here are

  • Increase Your Energy Level. Certain vitamin supplements, like B12, can help to give you natural energy that that your body will use throughout the day.
  • Increase Mobility. As previously mentioned, collagen can dramatically help mobility in some by reducing join pain, inflammation, and degradation. Another supplement that offer a similar effect could be fish oil.
  • Decrease In Stress Or Anxiety Level. Certain products are made to help lessen that amount of stress that we come upon in everyday life. Sometimes on OTC product can help, and other other times you may need an actual prescription, depending on your level of anxiety or stress.

There are a ton of other ways that supplements can help to improve your daily activities in life. Self care needs to be done more often that naught, especially in today’s society. So, take care of yourself; look into which supplement could work for you. As always, talk to a doctor before you decide to start any new OTC product…just to be safe for yourself. If you don’t have a doctor on hand to talk to, you can always try telemedicine… it works!

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